Letter: Bridges-high winds

April 8, 2014 

In 2004, we lost a special painted trailer to a wind storm on the Perrine Bridge at a loss of $13,000. At that time, I requested flashing lights on both sides of the Perrine Bridge to come on when winds are gusting more than 40 mph. The reply I received was "Well, we put up a windsock." A windsock is inflated at 20 mph. A driver wouldn't notice the difference between winds at 20 mph or 70 mph.

After seeing the recent news releases of four damaged trucks on the bridge from the recent windstorm, once again, I am asking the Transportation Department to install flashing RED lights when the winds are over 40 mph on the Perrine and Hansen bridges.

Twin Falls has a unique and scenic bridge for our tourists to cross. I would hate to hear of an unsuspecting traveler be in the wrong place at the wrong time if another truck blows over. Is that what it will take until someone notices?

I would be willing to commit up to $5,000 from Gem State Paper & Supply Co. toward this feature to protect lives!

JOHN C. ANDERSON, president, Gem State Paper & Supply Co., Twin Falls

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