Letter: Term limits

April 8, 2014 

The approval rating for the U.S. Congress is 13 percent; however, we re-elect over 90 percent of them to Congress each term. Historically congressional approval is 33 percent, which is still pretty low but a lot higher than we have now. Congress has managed to engineer their own re-elections holding their own interests above the interests of the people.

Some of the Constitution's founders (the Anti-Federalist) advocated term limits to prevent a runaway Congress. Others (the Federalist) believed that vigilance on the part of the public would not tolerate congressional overreach and the public would vote these congressmen out of office. The Federalist won the argument but in hindsight it looks like the Anti-Federalist had better foresight.

Term limits are an excuse for a public being lazy and not vigilant.

I'd prefer to see an informed public vote to limit a congressman's term. However, that hasn't happened and it's unlikely it will happen. The solution is an Article V Convention of the States to propose amendments to the U.S. Constitution, including term limits.


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