Letter: Idaho dairies

April 8, 2014 

After reading all the ag-gag letters and ones about people wanting to roam freely on dairies I am amazed at the lack of understanding in the general population. First of all, dairies and many agricultural operations are very dangerous environments. There are lots of heavy equipment and opportunities for injury or death. I have witnessed firsthand several of both in my 33 years on dairies. Secondly this isn't about secrecy, it is about invasion of privacy. These are home businesses. Where do we draw the line? If you have a home business, do we get the right to film you 24/7 in hopes of finding you doing something that might not shine such a sweet light on you? Could some of this bill and communication of it been handled better? Yes, of course. But turn it around - do you want cameras on you? Small clips of many activities can be made to look bad. Let's try to bring some common sense back into this.


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