Letter: Global warming

April 7, 2014 

The letters in March covered a wide view from the left and from the right. Some were right on and some were way off. This is dependent on a point of view, I don't believe that man can stop global warming if it is a reality. If global warming is real, man has nothing to do with it. How can he (man) explain the warming and cooling of the earth long before man ever arrived on Earth? Earth is evolving and it goes through hot and cold cycles that could go on for centuries or for yearly cycles.

If all else fails, blame it on the Republicans, who "hate everything," including women and the elderly and even children. Only Democrats are good. They allow, even encourage, abortion (killing of unborn children)!

It is so easy to ignore the facts. Man is not all powerful and not all people are "evil."

To quote Rodney, "Can't we all just get along?"

Earth will continue to cycle hot and cold, and Republicans are not any more evil than the Democrats.

Chuck Egan, Meridian

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