Letter: Ag-gag bill

April 7, 2014 

Gov. Butch Otter doesn't deserve to be governor. When he signed the ag-gag bill to make it easier for animal cruelty, he just became worthless. He protected the people that inflicted these deplorable cruelties. If those pictures didn't tug at his heart and sense of responsibility to save that kind of pain to animals that can't speak for themselves, he isn't the right person for Idaho. What is this, out of sight, out of mind?

Why not have mandatory cameras and make people responsible for these devastating inhumanities? My grandparents were dairy farmers. They played soothing music in the barn, kept the cows calm and happy and they gave more milk. They didn't slap around a cow in a stanchion, beat them or drag them behind a tractor terrorized.

Animals have feelings and brains. They are smart enough to recognize the person that cares for them with love or fear. Animals can't speak for themselves and we are supposed to be better than that.

Trudy Day, Boise

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