Where the candidates stand on Idaho’s prison system

Idaho StatesmanApril 6, 2014 

From left: Butch Otter, Walter Bayes, Russ Fulcher and Harley Brown.

Today is the third and final installment of our "Where The Candidates Stand" series involving the four Republican gubernatorial candidates: Gov. Butch Otter, Sen. Russ Fulcher, Harley Brown and Walter Bayes.

They were asked: How will you manage the transition from private to state-run prisons in Idaho and what prison reforms will you implement that will reduce costs, the prison population and recidivism? Comment on the investigation of the Corrections Corp. of America.

In addition, Harley Brown responds to our question from last week about Medicaid expansion. A mishap involving SPAM folders and mutual miscommunication conspired to make it unavailable for our March 30 installment.

You can read them here:

Butch Otter

Russ Fulcher

Walter Bayes

Harley Brown

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