Harley Brown on Medicaid expansion and health care

Where the candidates stand

April 6, 2014 

As previously stated, I am a 10th Amendment man to the core. Anything the feds do that encroaches upon the 10th Amendment constitutes the creation of a domestic enemy to the U.S. Constitution to be attacked and annihilated by "We, the People" in true T-cell mentality and fashion.

The New Deal under Franklin Roosevelt in the1930s was first gear starting out our collective bus ride down the mountain and into the grave of socialism.

In the 1960s Johnson shifted up to second gear with his delusional Great Society ... in which we were cursed with the blessings of welfare, Medicare, Medicaid, etc.

Now under Obamunism we have accelerated the bus into warp drive with federally coerced purchases of a product. This law is directly against freedom, comrade.

My considered opinion is simple: To hell with all this socialism and unconstitutional federal encroachment into the states and upon the people.

We already had one successful revolution in this country and maybe it's high time for another. Read the Declaration of Independence. I see a lot of similarity between bad King George III and President Obama.

As we all know, insurance companies really suck and are crawling with lawyers. However, competition is their Achilles heel. Let's keep the government out of the private insurance industry.

God bless America. No, God help us!

Harley Brown lives in Nampa.

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