Feeling safe? You're in good company. Boise scores high as secure place to live

Idaho StatesmanApril 5, 2014 

Downtown Boise in September 2012

CHRIS BUTLER — Idaho Statesman file

We're No. 8 The 100 most populous cities in the country were ranked, and Boise made the top 10, along with a slew of other Western cities.

Says who? Using FBI crime reports, Movoto, a real estate research site, ranked the cities based on the number of overall crimes per 100,000 people - particularly violent crimes.

One Boise had one murder in 2012.

Crime stats For every 100,000 people, Boise saw 2,792 crimes in 2012, and 267 of those were violent. The vast majority of crimes reported were thefts (2,019 of every 100,000), burglaries (432) and assaults (202). Boise residents had just a 1 in 36 chance of being the victim of a crime - about three times safer than Detroit.

The rest of the top 10 You won't find any East Coast cities here. 1 - Irvine, Calif.; 2 - Fremont, Calif.; 3 - Gilbert, Ariz.; 4 - Plano, Texas;5 - Henderson, Nev.; 6 - Scottsdale, Ariz.; 7 - Chula Vista, Calif.; 8 - Boise; 9 - Irving, Texas; 10 - Chandler, Ariz.

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