Fourth parking garage making switch to autopay

sberg@idahostatesman.comApril 5, 2014 

Capitol Terrace Garage, one of the busiest in Boise, is scheduled to move to a pay-by-machine system Sunday.

Capital City Development Corp., Boise's urban renewal agency, is installing automated payment systems in the six Downtown garages it owns.

So far, it has activated the systems in the Eastman, Grove Street and City Centre garages. All six will be converted by the end of this month.

Instead of paying a person on the way out of the garage, a parking customer takes a parking slip to a machine at the bottom of the garage's elevators.

The person pays at the machine and gets a receipt. On the way out of the garage, drivers put the receipt into a machine that lets them leave.

Originally, CCDC officials said the garages would still have parking attendants, at least through this year.

But Max Clark, who oversees the agency's parking function, said Friday that garages won't have attendants taking payments once autopay is in effect.

Instead, Clark said, the attendants will help parking customers get used to the new system.

At first, he said, the agency will hire new people to fill that role. As people get the hang of the new system, the number of employees will be reduced.

Any parking jobs that the renewal agency eliminates will be through attrition, not layoffs, Clark said.

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