Dig into your garden this month

April 3, 2014 

Spring is springing. Here are some tasks in April for Treasure Valley gardening:

• Shear back groundcovers and wake up your flower beds with a general fertilizer.

• Prune roses when forsythia blooms. Fertilize.

• Protect tender plants from frost.

• When the forsythia blooms, use crabgrass pre-emergent chemical or a corn-gluten meal treatment to prevent crabgrass.

• Plant conifers, trees and shrubs. Also plant summer bulbs: alliums, cannas, hostas and daylilies.

• When daffodils bloom, plant parsnip seeds.

• Prune buddleias, shrub dogwoods and caryopteris.

• Prune lavender to shape as it shows signs of new growth.

• Begin hardening off indoor seedlings to acclimate them to outdoor life. Shelter tender seedlings from wind.

• Watch for aphids and knock them from plants with a blast of water. Beneficial insects will take over soon.

• Set up supports for peonies, delphiniums and other "floppers."

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