Letter: South Fork Payette

April 2, 2014 

I'd like to know when the Statesman's outdoor writers and the Idaho Fish and Game are going to start paying attention to the South Fork Payette river fishery? The Boise River fishery gets all the attention while none is paid to the 70 miles of the upper South Fork of the Payette.

The upper Payette is one of the most beautiful and scenic rivers in Idaho. Until the '80s it used to be a marvelous fishery, with native and stocked fish on a "put-and-take" management plan that deteriorated through the '80s as pressure increased. After the late-'80s Lowman and Miller Creek fires, the river was scoured out by ash and silt loading. It has been ignored since and no attempt made to rehabilitate it with stocking, catch-and-release or slot restrictions.

The Fish and Game has a dumb program to dump fish into "Lowman Ponds" for "put-and-take," next to the Ten Ax county dump facility. That's it. Millions have been spent on useless bull trout "restoration" for a fish that will never recover since the salmon they depend on long ago disappeared. Realize that there are two rivers flowing into the Treasure Valley that could provide great accessible fisheries.

Jeff Wright, Lowman

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