Letter: Same-sex marriage

April 2, 2014 

In response to the letter of William Place published March 13 regarding same-sex marriage.

I accepted Mr. Place's challenge and read for myself Mark 10:5. I presume Place is referring to "God made them male and female." If I presume correctly, Mr. Place is incorrect, as this is verse six, not verse five. I would also like to point out that he is quoting out of context as this entire passage (verses 1-12) refers to divorce, not same-sex unions.

I have read the Bible, particularly the New Testament, numerous times in the past 45 years, and if I recall correctly, the total number of references Jesus makes regarding same-sex unions is exactly zero! Anyone can make a point quoting out of context. May I suggest Leviticus and Deuteronomy. I am sure that Mr. Place could find many passages to manufacture arguments for or against everything in the Constitution and its amendments. May I also suggest that he or anyone else inclined to thump their Bible to use caution. No one knows what might drop out.

David Williams, Boise

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