Letter: Solutions

April 2, 2014 

I see where Idaho Falls is having goose problems much like Boise, so it's apparently a statewide problem. So, I believe, is the "wolf vs. big game" issue. Can we teach the wolves to eat just goose meat? Wouldn't that help solve two problems? And how about those yippy little dogs at

3 a.m.? (I'm OK with them at just about any other time of day.) Can we compel mountain lions to only silence them and not other pets?

Then, when all the geese and late night yippy dogs are gone, we'll have more deer, elk and peaceful nights. How to then get rid of all the wolves and mountain lions? Convince our police departments they are all pit bulls and Labrador retrievers!

Now, how do we go about cutting back on do-nothing legislators? That's a problem, as they are all apparently armed ... Wait, there are the polls in November!

Curtis Stoddard, Eagle

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