Letter: Guns on campus

March 31, 2014 

In the March 14 issue of the Idaho Statesman, there was an article decrying Gov. Butch Otter's signing of the guns on campus bill. What was most surprising to me was the part of the article criticizing Sen. Curt McKenzie, who presided over the Senate hearing on the bill. During that hearing "McKenzie designated an NRA lobbyist to open testimony and declined to hear from several police chiefs ... ."

Two weeks earlier, Sen. McKenzie spoke at a "Politics for Lunch" session at the Andrus Center defending his guns on campus bill. After the speech, my question was, "Knowing that money is the 'Mother's Milk' of politics, how much grease did the NRA slip to the Legislature?" His answer was that the NRA does not contribute to legislators.

If true, why did the NRA get to testify but not police chiefs, college presidents, educators, students or other opponents? Perhaps it is because police chiefs and college presidents have no money for re-election campaigns.

What a sad predicament for our democracy when re-election is more important than statesmanship, and when politics trumps policy.


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