Letter: Loud concert

March 31, 2014 

The March 12 Lady Antebellum concert at Taco Bell Arena was money wasted. My wife and I are L.A. fans, but the performance we attended was inaudible, except for intolerably loud instrumentals that all but obliterated the vocals in virtually every song. I would expect that what one hears on stage mirrors what one hears on a CD, but that was not the case that night. Professionals like the L.A. principals should realize that it takes more than an eardrum splitting bass to engage an audience.

It's too bad, because so many of the songs have powerful lyrics that were overpowered by non-vocal noise. Kip Moore was even worse than Lady A., doing nothing more than strutting around, chatting up concert goers in the pit and screaming inaudibly into his mike. The saving grace of the evening was Kacey Musgraves, the opening act, who toned it down a bit and had some nice country music moments. From now on, I think I'll spend my money on recordings so I can enjoy the music, rather than wondering when the decibel assault will end.


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