Letter: A myth

March 30, 2014 

Continuing to promote tax cuts and business subsidies the GOP has fallen for a myth. Example, did Chobani locate in Twin Falls because of the tax incentives and subsidies? Not on your life. They came because the cost of their most expensive ingredient, milk, was lower than anywhere else in the country. They had no choice but to locate in the Magic Valley. They would have built in Twin with absolutely no incentives. It was free money and they took advantage of it. Now Glanbia and other firms have to cut their workforce because Chobani is reducing their milk supply.

Idaho has continually cut taxes, mainly on business. To pay for this they have reduced funding to schools and other infrastructure. Business doesn't create jobs to take advantage of tax incentives but because there is demand for their products. They don't site a plant to take advantage of tax incentives. They do it because of some business advantage in that location. You want to increase business, exploit your economic strengths. Look at business already here and expand on that. Doing this is harder work than cutting taxes but it will be a lot more effective in the long run.

Richard Ringelstetter, Boise

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