Letter: State government

March 30, 2014 

Congratulations to Idaho's state government. They have demonstrated how carefully they value our tax dollars.

Let's also thank them for overriding higher education's universal "no guns on campus" policies. After all, what do colleges know about student safety? The state's disregard for the opinions of Idaho's higher education community and the Chiefs of Police Association takes real courage!

As a lowly educator, I know that if a disturbed student disrupts class, there will be guns on hand to mitigate the "situation." This takes pressure off faculty to seek peaceful solutions. Obviously, bullets speak louder than words. Some suggest that colleges might be more secure if classroom doors could be locked from the inside, but let's get real - that's expensive. The costs, estimated at $8 million to $10 million statewide, of implementing this new law will fall to the institutions, not the government. The bright side is the Legislature will have more money to spend on continued raises for themselves!

So thank you, Gov. Otter and legislators. With the NRA and ALEC on your side, your futures are secure. As for me, I will be making a fashion statement next fall with some stylish body-armor!

Peggy Nelson, Idaho Falls

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