Letter: Greed in politics

March 30, 2014 

So the Greed Over People regime running our state has much to show us: lowest education spending, lowest worker wages in the entire country, one of the lowest medical relief for the poor, little regard for civil rights (i.e., unwilling to consider - add the words), a questionable wolf-eradication policy, but at least great NRA/gun lobby ties (oops, Second Amendment rights).

By your works, they shall know you ... and obviously we citizens have no problem with that. Is anyone responsible for our state policies? Surely not the Legislature; they only represent the people. So ultimately the voters get the tag.

Helped by De lunatic laws and questionable legal Internet deals (educational blueprints!), Republican agenda should ensure a favorable voting block for decades.

Ignorance is strength. Keep the masses stupid; it ensures a perpetual Republican state. But at least that stalwart of Idaho values, Raul Labrador, has accomplished a feat not thought possible: He has made Bill Sali look good.

Jim Franklin, Meridian

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