Letter: In Idaho

March 30, 2014 


• Where we won't address "add the words" now, but maybe, if as part of your non-violent protests you strap a 22 rifle or AK 47 (open-carry) to your back, we'd be more willing to notice you are kind of like us after all!

• Where we value kids, babies, and children by touting protection of the fetus that isn't yet counted as any of those (legal/census), but we support "religious" rights of parents to deny life-saving medications once said fetus is born.

• Where we believe in separation of church/state, and a non-denominational public education, as long as it doesn't contradict the Bible or church teachings.

• Where we believe in freedom of speech, including freedom in written form and access to such (reading lists), unless we are offended or it contradicts the Bible.

• Where we're patriots, and we support constitutional rights ... as long as you are a white, gun-toting, heterosexual Christian (preferably an older male).

Kristin Stilton, Boise

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