Letter: Politicians don't listen

March 30, 2014 

Idahoans, your opinions do not count. If they did count our politicians would have or not have done the following:

1. Not voted for an "ag-gag" bill. 2. Refused a hearing for the Add the Words. 3. Would have passed a bill protecting children denied medical care by uber religious parents. 4. Not voted for guns on campuses. 5. Not approved funding for wolf control. 6. Would have given more funding for schools so that communities are not forced to pass levies because of lack of state funding. 7. Not funded money to fight gay marriage - a losing battle. 8. Would have increased the minimum wage. 9. Approved Medicaid for persons in the health insurance gap.

Our wealth may not be a match for NRA, ALEC, or the ag industry, etc., but we do have one thing they cannot buy: our vote. There is an anger building and angry people vote. So get out and vote because that is the voice they have to hear.

Mary Ann Shuker, Nampa

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