Walter Bayes on Medicaid expansion, health care


March 29, 2014 

Walter Bayes

Our health care industry is and has been in bad shape for a long time.

We have some health care professionals who are motivated by a sincere desire to help people. Some health care professionals are motivated by a desire for money. They are simply salesmen - selling drugs, operations etc. - or just putting in their time to draw a paycheck.

There are also large companies whose desire it is to make lots of money and control the people and the laws. A common medical practice is to charge an uninsured individual five times as much as they would an insured person. This practice forces people to buy insurance.

I had a doctor tell me that if he only charged $500 for an operation which would also cost the insurance company $500, he would not be allowed to practice medicine. My bill was $2,500. The doctor did not charge me anything. He is a good honest man in a corrupt industry.

I know a teacher who is in her first year of teaching. She is dedicated to her pupils and she has a salary of $31,000. $19,000 goes for Obamacare, leaving her $12,000 for gas, taxes and living expenses. Is this really affordable? I do not know whether or not she gets tax credits. If she belongs to the tea party, I do not think any tax credits will be allowed by the IRS. We know that Obama's IRS does not like the tea party.

I understand that Obamacare creates panels (some people call them death panels), whose job it is to decide who receives health care and who does not. These panelists will be selected by Obama and his allies. Will these panels have the same hatred and zeal as the IRS to punish the tea party and other Obama opponents? If you had a lot of money maybe you could bribe the panel and save a friend, or kill an enemy?

You might think I sound paranoid, until you consider the fact that the medical industry and its political allies have murdered 56 million babies via abortion. These pre-born babies have broken no law - have offended no one. Yet they were murdered because there was no one to defend them.

The Supreme Court, lower courts, presidents (both Republican and Democrat), Congress and state governments have not stopped these abortion murders. Gov. Butch Otter and Attorney Lawrence General Wasden both have spent our tax money depriving my wife and I of our God-given right to defend pre-born children's right to life. Chris Troupis is the only candidate for attorney general that I think will do the right thing.

The main reason most women have abortions, is that they do not want to provide for their children. 1st Timothy 5:8 "But if any provide not for his own, and specially for those of his own house, he hath denied the faith, and is worse then an infidel."

God judges both men and countries. Our nation has killed 56 million pre-born babies. Hitler killed about 7 million Christians and 7 million Jews. God punished Germany. It is not if, but when, God will punish the USA.

It is time for you and I to stand for Christ and to defend both our rights, and the rights of the pre-born babies. Please vote in the Republican primary to elect Walt Bayes for governor.

If elected governor, it will be my job to enforce the Constitution, putting a stop to both abortion and Obamacare in this state.

Bayes lives in Emmett.

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