Fish Rap: Do you let a little rain scare you away?

rphillips@idahostatesman.comMarch 27, 2014 

I admit it. I don't like fishing in the rain. Doesn't mean I won't, but if I see rain in the forecast like there is this weekend, there's a good chance I will find something else to do.

Call it bad memories from childhood on the Oregon Coast. Fishing always seemed to be associated with raining, especially those precious opening weekends in the spring that not only meant fishing in the rain, but camping in it as well. Those trips are permanently scratched into my psyche.

But this is Idaho, and the rain over here is different. It's rarely an all-day downpour. And heck, half the time it just kind of looks like it's going to rain, and never really gets around to it. Here people console themselves by saying "oh well, we need it."

I never heard those words uttered on the Oregon Coast.

Will the rain in the forecast materialize, and should you go fishing? Don't let me be a wet blanket. I know barometric pressure can effect fishing for better or worse, but obviously a little rain doesn't bother the fish. They're already wet.

Here's my advice. Start the weekend with a Plan A and Plan B. You don't want to burn a tank of gas on a lousy day, but that doesn't mean it has to be an all-or-nothing decision.

Make your Plan B the Boise River or a local pond or nearby reservoir. Maybe hit a pond knowing the fishing might not be up to snuff, but you will be learning for next time. Even if I don't catch a fish someplace, I always learn something.

Or go steelheading. Nasty weather is part of the attraction. Why do you think it's so popular on the Oregon Coast?

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