Letter: Legislature's incompetence

March 24, 2014 

We went from protecting wolves to hunting wolves in order to keep them from killing the elk so the hunters could kill the elk. Either way the elk are the losers. Conversely, we lifted the protection for the dairy cows, some of whom were being used as trampolines and soccer balls, and the bill literally sailed through the Legislature with little deliberation, despite encouragement from companies who buy Idaho milk for yogurt and cheese and petitions from the people you supposedly represent.

Mr. Otter was evidently unable to accept these petitions due to his busy schedule. Now we have yet another idiotic bill passage allowing guns to be carried on our college campuses. This one also slid right through with little deliberation despite being soundly rejected as an affront to logic by the leaders of these schools.

And the Add The Words initiative…? Not even the courtesy of a hearing. Nice work.

Charlotte Brother, Boise

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