Letter: Wolf control

March 24, 2014 

The $2.2 million (recently reduced to $400,000) allotted to the Wolf Control Board to control less than 600 wolves is an absurdity that could only be brought about by out-of-control wolf hysteria. I have spoken to an Idaho wildlife biologist who is an elk hunter herself and considers herself "wolf neutral." She stated that the Wolf Control Board is "purely political" and unnecessary.

This confirms what I already suspected - Idaho makes most of the wolf control decisions based on politics and not on advice from biologists. The commissioners are all hunters themselves, and have little regard for biologist's recommendations.

Hunters say they care about the elk population, but they fail to show this when they oppose any effort to regulate hunting itself, such as any effort to raise the cost of elk tags which are ridiculously cheap at $30. Perhaps this is why I see families taking multiple elk, which shows disregard for taking only what one can use.

Reduce elk losses by raising the price of elk tags, thereby increasing revenue through actual users, and come up with a realistic compromise between conservationists and ranchers/hunters.

Contact the Senate House and Resources Committee and tell them you oppose HB470.

Andrea Blomquist, Boise

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