Letter: Religious beliefs

March 23, 2014 

The movement to silence religious belief by criminalizing a private or public person (business) for living out their faith should be stopped. A moral people who believe God created them to be free is the root of human freedom - the equality of souls before God (not before a governmental body). To pass laws, or city ordinances, that make it illegal for a business to choose who they enter into contract with or do business with based on their internal moral compass and religious beliefs is a signal of the end of human freedom.

The roots of a tree (of freedom) are extremely important, although not visible. The homosexual, gay rights movement is a Trojan horse (who does not want equality and fairness?) When fully implemented, we will no longer assume humans can control their behavior; thus, they cannot live in freedom.

If indeed we claim our human behavior is beyond our control (like the color of our skin), then governmental tyranny, (endless amount of laws) will be viewed as necessary.

This is a very effective and open attack against the roots of human freedom.

Perhaps instead of putting our hands over our mouths we should be speaking up for freedom.

John Seale, Caldwell

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