Letter: Boise police

March 23, 2014 

Thursday, early evening. Phone rings. Neighbor says, "Hey Jim, the cops are outside your house." Oh, my! I see numerous flashing lights, no problem. I send wife to back of house to secure door and be concealed. We've had issues in our neighborhood before so I'm not alarmed. I lock door, douse lights and TV and fetch my flashlight and firearm just in case.

Phone rings again. Neighbor says, "They want you!" Oh, my! I turn on light, leave my firearm in the house and proceed into a scene from "COPS." Hands high and wide, turn around, pat down. No yelling or roughness. All is well. Police check the welfare of my wife and inform us that they had a crank 911 call that was identified near my home. Again, all is well.

Thank you, Boise olice Department, for your professionalism, and calm demeanor. With all of the negative press about the police, I thought that you might like to read something positive about law enforcement.

James Olsen, Boise

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