Letter: Inmate labor

March 23, 2014 

Read your article published online March 7 ("Idaho bill would let inmates do farm work"). A bill number was not included.

Now that some Idaho Republicans, can't count on campaign donations from a private prison corporation, they hope to draw in funds from landed and politically connected donors. The Statesman might have informed the electorate that ID S1374aa is the bill's number.

The bill will allow the Idaho Department of Correction to lease their wards/inmates, to perform labor for the landed and politically connected gentry.

There is no mention in the bill whether those convicts will get credit for their FICA hours, or whether such rent would be accounted through the lease arrangement with the landed and politically connected. There is a vague promise that convict labor won't compete. Just too very vague.

The Idaho Republicans mention liberty, the law of "supply and demand," and the promise of a "free market," but beg the Legislature to provide convict labor.

Edward "Mud" Watters, Boise

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