Letter: Legislators' inaction

March 23, 2014 

How many of Idaho's children will die while the current Legislature ignores their needs? How many families and communities will carry the scars with them to the grave? Two suicides of gay teens have occurred in the last month.

In the March 6 Statesman Sen. Brent Hill and Rep. Scott Bedke worried that adjournment of the Idaho Legislature may be postponed because of the "Add the Words" protests. This is blaming the victims.

Protesters only ask that discussion of the bill to add "sexual orientation" and "gender identity" to the Idaho Human Rights Act be initiated after eight years in limbo.

Bedke suggested that the First Amendment rights of freedom of speech and assembly be restricted. David Adler's March 6 Guest Opinion admirably addresses why this should not be allowed.

We in Idaho are rightly concerned about our image nationally. While the virulent hate group in northern Idaho was eradicated, nine more groups are still active in Idaho.

As with the "Ag-gag" bill, the majority of legislators seem more concerned about "sanitizing" our image instead of addressing the problem.

Why do our leaders fear to discuss the bill? Two bills already discussed were anti-LGBT.

Is the Legislature our 10th hate group?

David Monsees, Boise

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