Letter: Legislature

March 23, 2014 

SB 1254, the so-called "guns on campus" bill, has now been signed by the governor. Most of the state is against it, including the majority of law enforcement, educators, students and parents. Who is for the bill? Basically, the National Rifle Association.

NRA lobbyists helped write the bill; an NRA lobbyist introduced it at a Senate committee hearing; NRA lobbyists have engineered the process at every step along the way.

At the House committee hearing I attended, an NRA lobbyist testified in favor of the bill and then had to leave in a hurry, he said, so he could "catch a plane back home to Washington, D.C."

With SB 1254, the NRA is the out-of-state tail that's wagging the legislative dog in our state, pulling the strings from their headquarters on the East Coast, where none of them will have to live with the consequences of such a reckless and dangerous law.

I thought we were a state that makes its own decisions, sets its own course, and serves the will of its own citizens. Instead, with SB 1254, we're a western outpost of an East Coast one-issue think tank.

Clyde Moneyhun, Boise

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