Guest Opinion: Walter Bayes on Idaho's Common Core Standards


March 22, 2014 

I am not in favor of Common Core or any other standards set by the federal government.

Idaho Constitution Article 1 Section 2 states plainly that our government is required to give "equal benefit and protection to all people." The main responsibility for education curriculum should be left to the parent and student.

There are a lot of different opinions among students and parents concerning subjects such as trade skills, math, etc. Therefore I am in favor of all school money being directed by the parent to the school of their choice, whether it be public, private, or a home-school. The only required subjects should be reading, writing, arithmetic, history and geography, with trade schools such as mechanics, truck driving, electricians, etc., for any students so inclined.

A trade school is just as important to a trade student as math is to a college- bound student. I believe you can teach anything to a student who wants to learn. All students should receive equal funding.

If the school money is directed by the parents to the school of their choice, then the schools will have to compete to gain the favor of the parents and students. Competition will increase education and reduce the cost.

Bayes lives in Emmett.

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