Letter: 'Ag-Gag' passage

March 22, 2014 

Recently in Florida a man with an IQ of 75 was scheduled for execution. According to the State of Florida he would have to have an IQ of 70 to stop the execution. In most states, an IQ of 75 is grounds for mental illness and if a person has that number they are entitled to mental help.

I was wondering if the Idaho Legislature has to pass an IQ test. It appears if they do, Rep. Patrick managed to slip by. Anyone who supports animal cruelty in any fashion must have an IQ that matches the temperature in the assembly.

A perfect example of what is wrong with this country. Dairy farmers buying a politician so their dirty secrets don't get out. Why in the world would you protect workers who beat animals? Just bought some almond milk; it is delicious.

Dave Silva, Boise

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