Letter: Thank you Deputy D.J. Rupert

March 22, 2014 

I would like to thank Deputy D.J. Rupert of the Eagle Police Department for his actions on Monday, March 17. The winds were blowing 30- plus miles per hour and our house alarm went off and no one was home. Deputy Rupert responded and when I returned home, I noticed our American flag was missing and the lanyard was in a heap at the base of the pole. My first thought was the wind took it and it was gone. When I opened my front door there was a note with Deputy Rupert's card. Responding to my house alarm, he noticed my flag on the ground. He picked it up, properly folded it and placed it on my porch.

As a Vietnam veteran, I make it a practice to fly the flag every day. I cannot tell you the pride I felt to live in Eagle knowing we have deputies like D.J. Rupert looking out for us. Thank you so much for your thoughtful act and kudos to the Sheriff's Department for having deputies like Deputy Rupert on the force and looking out for the citizens of Eagle.

Mike Mastropaolo, Eagle

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