Zoo Boise's newest addition: Bobber the wallaby

March 21, 2014 

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Zoo Boise's baby Wallaby, Bobber, pokes his head out of his mother Kaiya's pouch on Friday at the zoo's Wallaby Walkabout exhibit. Bobber is about 7 months old and only recently started exploring outside of its mother's pouch, where it will live for a few more months. A baby wallaby is called a "joey" and Bobber's sex won't be known until its first veterinary exam.

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To be fair, Bobber actually arrived seven months ago.

But the wallaby joey is finally venturing out of its mother's pouch and where the general public can see it, Zoo Boise staff announced Friday.

The joey's gender is not yet known; that's waiting on a veterinary exam. Its parents are Kaiya and Bondi, residents of the zoo's Wallaby Walkabout exhibit.

Wallabies are small marsupials from Australia that are related to kangaroos. The zoo's Walkabout exhibit will be open from 1-5 p.m. daily next week during spring break.

You may still have to be patient to see Bobber: The joey still spends much of its time inside its mother's pouch and will do so for a few more months, according to zoo staff.

For more information about the zoo, visit its website.

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