Letter: Denney-Toryanski

March 21, 2014 

While it is obvious Lawerence Denney's politics are profoundly corrupt, Mitch Toryanski is no saint, either. Toryanski was one of the chief supporters of Tom Luna's wretched education reform laws, and then sought to deny and distance himself from this support during his failed re-election bid for the Senate. This clearly establishes this potential secretary of state as nothing more than a political opportunist, willing to do or say anything in his pursuit of higher political office.

Additionally, it should not be forgotten that Toryanski was a loud and proud supporter of Brandi Swindell's anti-abortion, ultrasound circus display in the basement of the Capitol. When confronted about this support, Toryanski once again sought to distance himself from his actions due to the political necessity of doing so. The public consistently rejects profoundly biased and unethical politicians, as evidenced in the form of Mitch Toryanski. Idaho can certainly do better than this failed politician whose interest in seeking higher political office has more to do with his own arrogance than serving the people of Idaho.

Adam Collins, Garden City

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