Letter: Savino letter

March 20, 2014 

In Dano Savino's last rant (March 9), he declared that anyone can be president. Not quite so. The Constitution limits those who may become president to those who are natural born or who are a citizen of the United States at the time of the adoption. Complicated, isn't it! Perhaps George Washington and John Adams might not have qualified. And Bob Hope, who was very popular here, was born of English parents. If highly qualified people are excluded due to place of birth, perhaps we should consider an amendment. If people such as Henry Kissinger would not be allowed to be our president but Dano Savino might be, we should consider a change. It should be based on qualifications and talents, not the country of birth. I would like to say that the strength of America rests squarely on immigrants who came here for a better life.

Tom Edgar, Boise

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