Letter: Legalized marijuana

March 20, 2014 

Use in Colorado and Washington will cause increased highway injuries and deaths. Mothers Against Drunk Driving are right to be greatly concerned. But in his March 12 letter to the Statesman, Larry Lugar of Boise suggests they don't know what they're talking about. Clearly, the opposite is true as two recent Colorado news stories indicate: The Denver Post reported Feb. 24 that the Colorado State Patrol is training State Troopers in drug recognition. The article points out that 60 drivers were cited in January for DUI-marijuana. One stoned driver crashed into two state cruisers.

Trends in stoned driving have proved difficult to track, and CSP began tallying cases involving marijuana only in January. Also, an Associated Press article of March 6, reported that Colorado is launching a $1 million dollar television ad campaign to stop stoned driving. To his credit, the governor of Colorado has cautioned other governors to carefully study Colorado's experiences before considering following suit.

California Governor Jerry Brown doesn't like the idea of legalizing marijuana. The legal age for marijuana use in Colorado is 21. Yeah, good luck with that!

Milton T. Williams, Boise

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