Letter: Safety on campus

March 19, 2014 

Guns on Idaho campuses as passed in a bill and signed by our governor is very irresponsible and counterproductive to say the least. Guns are dangerous. If we want our students to be safe, we should restrict, not increase, the number of guns on campus.

But then there is the Second Amendment/self defense issue. As a Vietnam soldier, I defended myself with a gun. But are Idaho campuses designated "combat zones?" After my military service and while finishing my college degree, I would have been very disturbed and infuriated if my fellow students were packing weapons. I strongly advise Idaho students to pack their books and lunch, and leave their guns locked up at home.

Since this bill was signed into law, I take it as an official notice that Idaho campuses are unsafe, and I will no longer attend Idaho on-campus courses, nor will I allow my grandson to use his college fund at any Idaho college or university.

Mike Medes, Emmett

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