Letter: Feeling safe

March 19, 2014 

Regarding campus carry: Even if no one on campus is carrying, just making it a possibility will deter someone from doing something stupid. It's when there are signs posted and policies in place that disallow guns when I don't feel safe. A stronger, faster person who doesn't care about the rules (read: criminal with a gun) knows that he will be the alpha at that particular location. That is what scares me. Knowing that I have the ability to save my own life against an adversary, but realizing that someone's politics took my right to fight away, that's what I am scared of. Getting forced into a situation where I must watch people die and I have zero opportunity to help them, that's what I am scared of.

I am not hoping for a time to play hero. I never want the opportunity. But if the time comes when my life, my children's father's life, is removed from this earth, I hope I was at least afforded the opportunity of a fair fight. I hope that someone else's potentially irrational fear of a tool does not make the difference between me living and dying.

James McLaughlin, Garden City

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