Pair accused of stealing SUV and planning to sell it twice

March 17, 2014 

Two men are in the Ada County Jail on charges of grand theft and criminal conspiracy, accused of trying to sell a stolen SUV, then planning to steal it and sell it a second time.

Kristopher L. Ferguson, 27, listed as a transient, and Jeffrey L. Poteete, 44, of Murfreesboro, Tenn., were arrested early Monday morning after Boise police found a stolen Ford Expedition in a hotel parking lot with writing on the window advertising it for sale for $2,400 with no title. Police officers called the phone number and showed interest in purchasing the SUV.

Then officers reportedly found Poteete and Ferguson attempting to hide a cell phone in the back seat of the vehicle prior to the anticipated sale. Investigators determined that the two men had planned to sell the car, then use the hidden cell phone’s GPS function to track the vehicle’s location and steal it. The vehicle is registered to Poteete, but officers found it hadrecently been sold in Denver, Colo., then reported as stolen.

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