What's new at your Treasure Valley libraries

March 16, 2014 



"The Cat Whisperer" by Mieshelle Nagelschneifer

Adult nonfiction. Who says you can't train a cat? In this fascinating book, "The Cat Whisperer" takes you inside the mind of a feline to explain why they do what they do.



"The Wind is not a River" by Brian Payton

Adult fiction. Payton's impressive novel is set in World War II, specifically the little-remembered theater of war in the Aleutian Islands. John Easley is a reporter grieving over the loss of his brother and feels a compulsion to deal with it by going to the Aleutians under false pretense to cover the ongoing battle with the Japanese. In doing so, he leaves his young wife behind to deal with her own doubts and fears, until, unable to deal with the uncertainly of hearing nothing of his whereabouts, she determines to find him.



"Audubon Birdhouse Book: Building, Placing, and Maintaining Great Homes for Great Birds" by Margaret A. Barker.

Nonfiction. With the "Audubon Birdhouse Book" you can build safe, species-appropriate houses for your favorite birds. Follow step-by-step photos and detailed instructions to create the right nest box, plus learn how and where to mount it to increase the chances that newlyweds will move in and raise a family.



"Rooftoppers" by Katherine Rundell

Juvenile fiction. Sophie was a year old when the ship she was traveling on sunk and she was plucked from the English Channel. Raised in London by Charles, a bachelor, Sophie has always believed that her mother is still alive.

Now it's more important than ever that Sophie find her. Acting on a clue, Charles and Sophie escape to Paris in search of Sophie's mother. A great adventure story for children in grades 4-6.



"10 Steps to Mastering Stress: A Lifestyle Approach," updated edition, by David H. Barlow, Ronald M. Rapee and Sarah Perini

Nonfiction. We know stress is bad for us physically and mentally. While worry, tensions and anxiety are impossible to avoid, there are ways to manage daily stress. Readers will learn valuable steps, backed by science, to acquire healthy coping skills.



"Super Shred: The Big Results Diet" by Ian Smith

Adult nonfiction. Using the same principles outlined in the best-selling book "Shred," this shorter, more intense program uses diet confusion, meal replacement and frequent snacking to kickstart the metabolism to lose weight in just four weeks.

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