Letter: Rebuttal

March 15, 2014 

I appreciate a recent Statesman article covering my campaign for the House Seat held by Rep. Lynn Luker. What I don't appreciate is the article stating I intend to define Luker as a "religious bigot." Those are the Statesman's words, not mine. These words do not appear in my press release and I thoroughly reject them. I abhor character assassination and my campaign will not engage in it. I have no knowledge of Luker personally discriminating against other people.

What I will do is hold Luker accountable for his actions and inactions during his eight years in office. That's why I stated "Mr. Luker is out of touch with the values and priorities of the voters in District 15." I share the priorities of West Boise voters. They want a thriving economy with good-paying jobs, great schools for our children, and vital social services. Mr. Luker has been absent on these issues. Instead, he pursues a narrow legislative agenda, including his bill to create a "freedom to discriminate" against those who don't share a business owner's personal beliefs. I stand firmly against the spirit of Luker's terrible bill. I will not shy away from challenging him on points of policy and fact, but I promise voters to do so in a respectable, honorable manner.

Steve Berch, Boise

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