Letter: Ag-gag passage

March 15, 2014 

For the first time I hang my head in shame for being an Idahoan. Passing the ag-gag bill on its merits of falsifying employment applications to surreptitiously take pictures or making videos of illegal animal abuse and property rights violations might sound honorable - and indeed that is why it is couched in such terms - but it is anything but.

If our children were being physically or sexually abused in such a manner, not one person would lift a finger to protect the property rights of the abuser or abusers. Cattle are beautiful, sentient animals - governor, would you treat your horses the way these cows were, and are, being abused?

I could almost - almost - swallow this garbage if the bill had included something with real teeth that severely punished these animal abusers. In my opinion big dairy bought this bill's passing, and the governor, officials who supported the bill and the dairy owners are culpable to any abuse resulting from the bill "protection." Shame on you, Butch.

Scott A. Flood, Kuna

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