Letter: Grammar

March 14, 2014 

I have noticed more and more how our usage of grammar is so poor here and across the nation with radio personalities. I was listening to a commercial about research on how to improve your brain power. The person giving the advice was talking about some research connecting a jellyfish system to ours. He said, "If it works for the jellyfish, it would work for you and I." That correct form is for "you and me." If you take out the you and repeat, it would be, "It would work for I."

I hear on the radio in Boise on various stations and often hear the number zero is said as the letter O. The number is not 234O but 234 zero. Maybe it doesn't matter anymore.

There is a USAA commercial that says, "My brother and me both use USAA." Again, it should be, "my brother and I."

Be aware: You are often judged by your grammar. I think if you are selling a product, you should use the proper grammar. If you don't know it, Google it. There are many tools now that can assist in this endeavor. Take time to learn the correct way of saying something.

Rex McCoy, Boise

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