Letter: Bitcoins

March 14, 2014 

Five weeks ago I had the opportunity to attend the North American Bitcoin Conference in Miami. I love working with forward-thinking young people here in Idaho who envision the future utilizing 3-D printing and crypto-currency technologies.

I went to Miami with an open mind. This is what I learned: When only 500 were expected, 1,200 attendees showed up from all over the world. People worldwide love the concept of decentralized human enterprise. Tyrannical governments such as China, Vietnam and Russia do not. Because a bitcoin exchange in Japan went down the currency was mocked. That could have been avoided if we had safe U.S. exchanges. People are alive tonight in the Ukraine, Egypt and refugee camps in Jordan because bitcoins can be sent to anyone with a cellphone after assets are seized.

As for me, I don't care if the price fluctuates. I will sell all I can and support anyone who accepts bitcoins. I was the only Idahoan in Miami and incredibly received because Idaho is recognized internationally as a center for freedom and opportunity. We can transact safely. Let's make Idaho the first "Bitcoin Friendly State."

Alan J. Golub, Hayden Lake

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