Letter: Trader Joe's parking

March 14, 2014 

Trader Joe's says we should park in the nearby parking garages because of the lack of parking spots at the store. Does that mean shoppers cannot buy more than one bag of groceries to haul back to their car in the parking garage, or does that mean parking garages have places to store Trader Joe's shopping carts?

Seriously! What were they thinking? Are they a store that only caters to the folks who shop daily for a few groceries for their supper, or do they want those of us who shop for a week or two? If they want folks who shop for larger loads, they really should have thought about where we would need to park. How are we supposed to haul six bags of groceries to the parking garage or the parking lot six blocks away?

If Trader Joe's really wanted to cater to families, it should have located in a commercial zone with adequate parking. This is the height of stupidity! They cut their own throats.

Brenda Critell, Boise

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