Fish Rap: Got skunked, but ready for Round 2

rphillips@idahostatesman.comMarch 13, 2014 

Last weekend looked like one of those times when everything was aligning perfectly. Sunny, warm, good reports coming in, including one from just days earlier, and I had that glowing, confident feeling as I headed to the Snake River.

I've been trying to crack the smallmouth code for early season when those big ones start preparing to spawn.

I'm a fly guy, but I even packed a spinning rod along. I'm trying to learn techniques from the bass guys. If fish are below a certain depth, it's just hard to get them on a fly.

Spin or fly, the end result was the same. It felt like something emptied the Snake of all its fish.

I don't like getting skunked. I accept it like a boxer accepts he may get punched in the nose. Acceptance is different than liking it.

Conditions look similar this weekend. Will fishing be the same? That's the beauty of spring. You just never know. Two days that appear identical often have very different results. The only way to find out is to go.

Look below at the catfish Bryan Barrera of Eagle caught in February. Do you think he set out that morning to catch a 9-pound channel catfish? It just happened, and now he has a great story to tell.

By the way, he landed it using 6-pound test line and fighting it for 25 minutes.

"I was pretty proud for not losing him considering the weak line I had him by," Barrera said.

When you get out of the house and on the water, cool things can happen.

Even getting skunked has its upsides. I'm plotting my revenge, and a butt-whuppin' gets me more motivated.

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