Boise police mourn detection dog that died unexpectedly

March 12, 2014 

Dasty 1, a German shepherd member of the Boise Airport’s Explosive Detection K9 Team for the past five years, died of complications following emergency surgery, the Boise Police Department reports.

“Dasty was hard working and a very good natured dog to be around. He loved his job, and he loved his handler," said Lt. Doug Schoenborn of the Boise Police Airport Unit. "While Dasty played an important role in airport security and public safety, he was also a friend to the officers who worked with him full-time, side by side for thousands of hours as partners. We salute his service and definitely mourn his loss.”

The 7-year-old died Saturday with his handler, Officer Dan Lewtschuk, by his side, police said. The two had been partners since Dasty joined the detection team in April 2009.

The emergency surgery followed a sudden illness, and the full extent and nature of the illness has yet to be determined, police said Wednesday.

In addition to his duties at the airport, Dasty 1 demonstrated his detection skills for schoolchildren and responded to hundreds of call-outs and special assignments. His sniffing skills were often called upon to make sure community venues and special events were safe for large crowds.

The sable German Shepherd was known as Dasty 1 because a second detection dog with the same name joined the force a couple of years later, police said. That dog, also a German shepherd, is called Dasty 2.

Dasty 1 was owned by the TSA as part of the BPD Airport Unit’s explosives detection team.

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