Letter: Ag-gag votes

March 12, 2014 

Thank you to Sen. Michelle Stennett for voting against the ag-gag bill. Even though she lost this fight in the short term, her position clearly supports the values of freedom and less government interference that we in Idaho hold dear to our hearts.

These ag-gag bills making their way through states across the country at the behest of the agriculture industry will likely be overturned under the First Amendment. So senator, thank you also for trying to save Idaho the money it will take to defend this communist-style gag law in court.

The First Amendment is a marvel to watch in action, as evidenced by the amazing doublespeak from our two state representatives, Miller and Pence. I laughed out loud, even though the topic is not funny.

Their position is dairy farmers would never abuse animals on purpose so let’s make it a crime if a third party obtains proof of such abuse with an undercover video.

The punishment for recording this awful video will be one year in jail and a $5,000 fine. For the person who shot the video! Not the animal abusers! Wow!

Again, thank you to Sen. Stennett for her brave and unique stance for common sense.

Maya Burrell, Ketchum

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