Letter: Commissioners

March 12, 2014 

Since Dave Case was joined by collaborator Jim Tibbs on the Board of Ada County Commissioners (Jan. 2013), the duo has:

Æ Taken a property tax increase when previous boards had avoided taking one for the prior six years.

Æ Given their campaign contributor Republic Services a trash rate increase, at residents’ expense, with no justification.

Æ Changed the Les Bois Park lease to allow a local group, including major campaign contributors, to run casino-style gambling on county property, and gave this group back half the security deposit.

Æ Walked away from the landfill’s waste-to-energy project, including the county’s $2 million investment, after the project had received its draft air quality permit from DEQ and proved it was economically and environmentally viable.

Æ Wasted $3.23 million on a landfill gas scrubber needed only by a private contractor.

Æ Worked to prevent Eagle City from developing a snow park for county residents’ enjoyment.

Commissioners Dave Case and Jim Tibbs do not represent the best interests of Ada County’s taxpayers. Tibbs is up for re-election in May. Residents who live in Tibbs’ district and have an interest in this $100,000-a-year position should consider filing to run against him before the March 14 deadline.

Sharon Ullman, Meridian

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