Letter: Obesity article

March 12, 2014 

War against obesity is not over. The Statesman front page article Feb. 26 from New York Times News Service deserves clarification. It references the CDC study released in Journal American Medical Association. The article needs review to show it was likely a statistical glitch.

The declaration of a 43 percent drop in obesity in 2-to-5-year-old children was made by the author based on a sample size of only 871 children from the estimated 12 million American births in 2007-2009. Included in the study were 282 Hispanic, 105 non-Hispanic Asian, 276 non-Hispanic black and 160 non-Hispanic white. Proclaiming a “stunning 43 percent drop in obesity” based on a survey of 5 Hispanic, 5 black, 3 white and 2 Asian children from each state could be very misleading. Of the 12 million births in 2007-2009, high weight birth rates were up in those years. Did some magical weight loss program occur in preschool children? Or is it a glitch?.

The article itself says “these results should be interpreted with caution.” Keep fighting, Idahoans.

W. Allen Rader, M.D., Boise

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